Hydrangea Flower Wooden Artisan Tray-8"x8"

Hydrangea Flower Wooden Artisan Tray-8"x8"

This hydrangea pattern was inspired by a summer trip to Nantucket.  Beautiful blues fill the tray with fresh color.  The size on this tray is 8"x 8", designed as a trinket/jewelry dish or a great place to keep your car keys.   Our trays have turned solid wood ball feet.  The hydrangea flower trays have the interior rim painted a bold blue to make the art pop.

These beautiful solid wood trays are hand-made in my studio in Connecticut.  We start with one of my original paintings or one of my textile patterns.  Each tray is coated with multiple layers of paint, then the giclee print is mounted to the wooden tray.  We have a unique method that preserves the detail and color of the print while also being sturdy and durable.  Many coats of varnish are applied to protect the tray and print as a finishing layer.  Just wipe the tray clean with a damp cloth.  Please don't cut on our trays or get them really wet! 

These would make a great gift for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or as a hostess gift.

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